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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shoshana and Jimmy Step Into the Limelight | International Diamond Center Engagement | St. Petersburg FL, St. Petersburg Engagements

I had the pleasure meeting up with meeting Shoshana and Jimmy for a session in downtown St. Petersburg. The two who have known each other for 10 years, found Limelight while at International Diamond Center. I was ecstatic to work with them for this session. She loves black and white and a more classic feel with a splash of the city life in the background. We found a historic open-air postal service along with back alley ways, iron rod gates and pillars to work with in Beautiful St. Pete. We finished up at a small downtown park. Although it was extremely HOT even for September, we had a great time. They are a wonderful couple and I wish them all the best. 
Congratulations Shoshana and Jimmy!

Photographer | Jess Orthober
Engagement Ring | International Diamond Center
IDC Salesperson | Lee Fagelson | Clearwater Location

 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00003.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00010.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00016.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00023.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00028.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00040.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00049.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00058.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00060.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00062.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00071.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00074.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00081.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00085.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00087.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00093.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00094.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00095.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00096.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00105.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00114.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00120.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00126.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00134.jpg
 photo 9.10.16ShoshanaRichandJamesWallsJO00139.jpg
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