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Friday, October 7, 2016

Kanisa and Baqar are Featured in the Limelight | Don Cesar, St. Petersburg FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

Baqar proposed to Kanisa under the Eiffel Tower in Paris... what an amazing engagement.  I am so honored to have been able to capture their beautiful wedding at the Don Cesar in St Petersburg.  They said their vows on the steps of the courtyard, surrounded by family and friends.  Their guests were from all over the globe, there to help celebrate the love of this beautiful couple.  We had an amazing FL sunset for our backdrop during the pictures on the beach and an elegant reception to follow.  Kansa & Baqar's details were simply perfect, from the flowers to the candlelight to the amazing cake, everything fit together to create the perfect ambiance for their special night.
Congratulations Kanisa and Baqar!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Alexia Lodwick

 photo 9.25.16KanisaBaqarCC0000collage.jpg

The Vendors that helped to make this day perfect...
Venue & Caterer  ~ Don Cesar 
Event Planner ~ Confetti Events
Florist ~ Iza's Flowers
Cake ~ Artistic Whisk
Wedding Gown ~ Love Couture Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
DJ ~ Grant Hemond
Hair Stylist ~ Style Hair & Makeup Artists
Invitations ~ A&P Design

 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0027.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0036.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0086.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0092.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0110.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0117.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0120.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0197.jpg photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0424.jpg

 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0438.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0478.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0495.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0500.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0169.jpg photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0167.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0518.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0528.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0547.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0191.jpg photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0552.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0573.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0577.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0616.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0653.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0661.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0670.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0717.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0752.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0753.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0826.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0839.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0842.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0848.jpg

 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0853_1.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0861.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0864.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0883.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0886.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc0965.jpg
 photo 9.25.16kanisabaqarcc1041.jpg

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