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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kimberly and Stephen Featured in the Limelight | Nova 535 | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Kimberly and Stephen held a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at Nova 535 in downtown St. Petersburg, FL!  This amazing couple eloped in May of 2016 and decided to host this event to celebrate their love and marriage with all of their closest friends and family!  We started out the evening by meeting the couple at the Birchwood hotel and arranged a first look for them in North Straub Park.  They were both so excited to see each other dressed up in their wedding attire!  We continued across the street to the sea wall of the downtown marina and photographed a few portraits with the boats and water in the background!  On our way to the venue we stopped at a beautiful mural on the exterior of the Independent Bar.  The mural is called "Before I die..." and it is a global art project that invites people to reflect and share personal aspirations of what they want to accomplish in their life time.  This is a place that is inspiring to both Kimberly and Stephen and I found this location to not only be a beautiful spot for photographs but also to be a wonderful way to express the love between these newlyweds.  They are a couple that fully celebrates and embraces life and together they find ways to be happy every day!  As a couple they enjoy boating, golf, scuba diving, fishing, helping animals, traveling, spending time with their family.  While we worked with them to photograph their bride and groom portraits they were complete naturals and I could really feel the love between them and they were just so happy to be together!  It was wonderful to see!  When we arrived to the venue the ceremony was moved indoors due to the weather but I was so impressed at how beautiful the indoor space was with the gorgeous uplighting and flower petal design that lined the aisle as well as an arch covered by hanging origami cranes.  Once the couple exchanged vows and rings the party really began!  It was a joyous celebration filled with champagne and dancing!  The talents of several of the bride and groom's personal friends were on display including the evening's menu and the singing of the first dance song!  It was an honor to capture this wonderful day for this amazing couple!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Wehrmann!  

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald 
Associate Photographer | Carlos Rello 

Cake | Publix 
Caterer | 2B Hospitality | Jeffrey Jew
Ceremony and Reception Site | Nova 535 
Event Planner | Rubies and Pearls
Florist | 2 Birds 
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist | Bamboo Eco Salon | Carey Hinricks
Invitations | Paperless Post 
Wedding Gown | Lu'Nique Bridal 
Special Vocalist | Kristine W. 

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