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Monday, October 24, 2016

Laura and Brad are Featured in the Limelight | The Vinoy Renaissance, St Petersburg FL | St Petersburg FL Wedding Photography

Laura and Brad were such a delight to work with on their wedding day!  I LOVE that they were engaged in Central Park in NYC when Brad surprised Laura by telling her they were meeting a friend and had to cut through central park, but instead popped the question.  They chose such a beautiful and romantic venue to say their vows and share their love with family and friends... The Vinoy Renaissance in the heart of St Petersburg.  The hotel lobby itself is an amazing backdrop, then you step out into the Tea Garden and you can't help but fall in love with the beauty of the place.  Laura and Brad's reception took place in Fred's Cellar which is this amazing space downstairs in the Vinoy, it has a romantic, vintage, retro type feel which was perfect for the theme of their wedding.  
I am so happy and honored to have been the one to capture this beautiful and amazing day, Congratulations to Laura and Brad!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

 photo 10.09.16LauraBradCC0000collage.jpg

Vendors that helped to create the perfect wedding day for Laura and Brad...

Band/ DJ ~ Jonathon Cortez
Wedding Gown ~ The Perfect Dress
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Bella Bridesmaid, Tampa
Hair Stylist & Make-up~ Destiny and Light Hair and Makeup
Invitations ~ Minted
Reception Venue ~ Fred's Cellar, The Vinoy Renaissance
Videographer ~ Chi Video, Paul Nguyen
Officiant ~ Father Patrick Wenrick

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0051.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0100.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0123.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0252.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0258.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0293.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0299.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0302.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0355.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0366.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0307.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0287.jpg photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0171.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0312.jpg
 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0361.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0423.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0434.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0195.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0440.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0446.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0248.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0216.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0221.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0236.jpg photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0465.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0486.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0490.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0276.jpg photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0521.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0530.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0536.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0572.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0575.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0623.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0634.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0637.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0692.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0496.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0702.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0765.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0836.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0827.jpg photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0863.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0890.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0901.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0908.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0919.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0927.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0938.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc0778.jpg photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1002.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1090.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1124.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1127.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1152.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1159.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1162.jpg

 photo 10.09.16laurabradcc1164.jpg

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