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Monday, October 24, 2016

Lanay and Justin Are Featured In The Limelight | Vinoy Renaissance Resort | St. Petersburg FL, St. Petersburg Weddings

Hurricane Matthew was all the talk the week of Lanay and Justin's wedding. Which direction will it go, what kind of destruction will it bring, what residents needed to do/ to look out for. Lanay and Justin not only were getting married, they were keeping an eye on the storm as well as making sure loved ones could still safely make it flying in from areas like New York. The hurricane came our way, passed on Thursday and provided the most beautiful day for Lanay and Justin! Furthermore, the couple's family and friends all were able to make it with little issue. This couple day of their wedding was phenomenal. They really focused on a classic feel mixed with a personable and relaxed atmosphere for the two. They wanted to enjoy their day not stress over it. That they did!! A first look proceeded in the Mezzanine floor of the Vinoy followed by a classic style ceremony with splashes of red and black lined with candlelight down the aisle. The ceremony was beautiful and went without a hitch! Following, we decided to try our luck outside. While the weather was cool and there was no rain, the winds from the hurricane that at this point were up in Northern Florida on the east coast were still very much present. We battled the winds in the garden court of the Vinoy, both Lanay and Justin were so easy going that the wind just became a fun bonus for the two as captured the love between them. Guests were seated in the Grand Ballroom with the Chihuly chandelier in the center of the black and white checkered dance floor. This wedding was exquisite in so many ways from d├ęcor to location but mostly the couple themselves. This wedding was beautiful from the inside out! Congratulations to Lanay and Justin, here are a few of our favorites!

Lead Photographer | Jess Orthober
Associate Photographer | Carlos Rellos
Florist and Design | Conceptbait

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0000collage.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0003.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0006.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0011.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0012.jpg
 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0014.jpg
 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0033.jpg
 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0035.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0056.jpg
 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0058.jpg
 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0064.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0069.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0075.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0077.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0080.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0087.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0092.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0094.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0096.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0142.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0149.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0153.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0160.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0165.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0167.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0172.jpg  photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0174.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0176.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0180.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0187.jpg
 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0250.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0275.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0288.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0290.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0293.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0307.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0314.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0340.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0346.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0351.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0353.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0361.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0362.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0367.jpg  photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0370.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0372.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0383.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0384.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0388.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0393.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0394.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0396.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0402.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0407.jpg  photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0412.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0416.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0425.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0434.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0471.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0520.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0528.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0535.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0539.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0543.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0544.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0546.jpg

 photo 10.7.16LanayJustinJO_0549.jpg

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