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Monday, October 24, 2016

Chelsea and Zach Featured in the Limelight | Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast | Palmetto, FL Wedding Photography

Chelsea and Zach had a beautiful wedding day at the Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast in Palmetto, FL. Friends and family traveled in to celebrate these two coming together as one in a lovely seaside ceremony. These two met back in 2011, and fell in love with their shared interest of being outdoors and boating, and eventually Zach proposed to Chelsea at the Sears Tower on the lookout deck. Friends and family enjoyed a rustic, coastal celebration of these two with lots of fun, dancing, and outdoors. It was great to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds!! :) 

Band/DJ ~ Black Tie
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ The Perfect Dress
Caterer ~ Tanya
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Palmetto Riverside B&B
Event Planner ~ The Perfect Dress/Vicki Sack
Florist ~ Vicki Sack
Wedding Gown ~ The Perfect Dress

Lead Photographer | Ann Fuentes
Associate Photographer | Dafne Spencer
 photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0000collage.jpg
 photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0004.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0005.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0011.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0040.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0044.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0050.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0052.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0064.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0075.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0077.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0095.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0107.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0125.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0132.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0141.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0158.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0163.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0182.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0186.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0198.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0219.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0254.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0263.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0265.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0273.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0287.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0340.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0342.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0356.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0383.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0384.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0388.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0397.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0398.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0403.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0448.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0475.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0486.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0488.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0497.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0499.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0500.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0510.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0511.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0515.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0517.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0518.jpg  photo 10.8.16ChelseaZachAF_0523.jpg 

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