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Monday, October 24, 2016

McKenzie and Josh Are Featured In The Limelight | Tween Waters Inn Resort | Captive Island FL, Captiva Island Weddings

We had the great pleasure of capturing the marriage of two wonderful people, McKenzie and Josh. McKenzie has to be one of the kindest souls I have ever met. On her very own wedding day, she was looking out for everyone, making sure everyone had everything and were doing alright. She just being in the day made it more cheerful with her kind spirit, we heard from so many people passing in and out of conversation say the very same thing. We loved McKenzie from the get-go and loved her dress that her mother wore on her wedding day. Josh was the funny one. At first I saw it in the groomsmen directly after the ceremony, goofing off and joking around as he listened to us during the family portraits and obliged with the patience of a saint. After all the necessary family portraits were done, we ventured off with the two of them and he had us laughing from there on out! I could see how these two wonderful personalities mesh so well! The day was a beautiful one as the sun shined down on them during their I do's. We truly enjoyed these two and their families as well! Captiva Island was a beautiful destination wedding for us and we are more than thrilled for this couple! Congratulations to McKenzie and Josh!

Main Photographer | Jess Orthober
Associate Photographer | Carlos Rellos

 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0000collage.jpg  photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0002.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0009.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0024.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0029.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0034.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0038.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0076.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0082.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0087.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0091.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0103.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0111.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0116.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0121.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0124.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0129.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0138.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0142.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0150.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0211.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0223.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0225.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0233.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0235.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0249.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0256.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0257.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0260.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0262.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0267.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0270.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0272.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0376.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0379.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0384.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0387.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0391.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0394.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0397.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0404.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0407.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0410.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0413.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0416.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0420.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0423.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0426.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0442.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0444.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0447.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0449.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0453.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0466.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0476.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0505.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0542.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0623.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0624.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0626.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0630.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0631.jpg
 photo 10.8.16MckenzieJoshJO_0644.jpg

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