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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chaya and Michael Featured in the Limelight | Don Cesar | St. Petersburg Beach Wedding Photography

Chaya and Michael met back in high school in 2004! These two have been together for 9 and a half years. Chaya loves Michael's drive and motivation and Michael loves Chaya's "weirdness" and together they enjoy great food and the beach, which is why they chose to get married at the Don Cesar on St. Petersburg Beach. These two had a delightful ceremony in the hotel's lush gardens, and then guests made their way to one of the hotels lovely ballrooms, laced with "old world elegance" just as Chaya dreamed. It was also important to Chaya to have her grandfather, Paw, who has passed away, to be apart of their special day as they were best friends, so they had their wedding day on his birthday, and Chaya wore his wedding band. These two had a beautiful wedding day and it was great to work with them. Congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Lead Photographer | Ann Fuentes
Associate Photographer | Alexia Lodwick

Caterer ~ Don Cesar
Ceremony Site ~ Don Cesar
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist ~ Destiny and Light 
Reception Venue ~ Don Cesar 
Videographer ~ Sky Helm Weddings
Wedding Gown ~ Pronovias 

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