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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jennifer and Dominic are Featured in The Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater FL, Clearwater Weddings

Florida weather can be a tricky thing, even when it says there will be a 20% chance of rain there still is a great chance you might feel a drop or two. There is even a chance you might have a 10 minute down pour. For Jennifer and Dominic, their day started out beautiful sunshine with poofy clouds, light breeze. Everything went along smoothly and on time but as the Dominic walked down the aisle the heavens opened up and rain fell down on the ceremony. With the sunshine still peaking, nothing was going to stop these to from saying I do's. While some may delay the ceremony or change locations, the two and their family and friends ALL braved the rain, were married in the rain and had their very first kiss as husband and wife with just a few sprinkles left. The show must go on and it did! As luck would have it, after the brief shower that lasted only during the ceremony left us and the sun beat down drying everyone off within minutes. The rest of the evening was absolutely gorgeous and it was so great to see how even the rain wouldn't dampen these two spirits on their big day! Please help us congratulate Jennifer and Dominic!! Way to stand strong and go for it! Here are a few of our favorites from that day

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 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0000collage.jpg  photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0127.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0131.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0135.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0142.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0158.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0187.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0192.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0230.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0296.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0302.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0318.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0321.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0329.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0339.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0341.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0344.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0347.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0385.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0391.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0392.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0407.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0409.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0423.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0448.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0450.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0454.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0461.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0467.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0472.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0487.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0502.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0505.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0515.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0523.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0525.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0594.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0598.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0608.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0614.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0618.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0619.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0620.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0633.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0645.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0647.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0651.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0674.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0678.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0791.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0804.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0817.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0831.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0860.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0861.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0868.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0872.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0873.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0878.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0882.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0883.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0885.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0886.jpg

 photo 10.16.16JenniferDominicJO_0902.jpg

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