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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rachel and Damien Featured in the Limelight | Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa, Fort Meyers, FL | Fort Meyers FL Wedding Photography

We really enjoyed being a part of Rachel and Damien's Wedding day at the beautiful Sanibel Harbour Marriot Resort and Spa located in Fort Meyers, FL with a classic style and elegant details.

Rachel and Damien met online in September of 2013 and with so many things in common such as Bikram Yoga, Running, Hiking, Camping, Bike Riding, Traveling, music and sports, they fell in love.
With their love of adventure and traveling it is no surprise that Damien took Rachel to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to propose to her.  It was Valentine's week and they stayed with his Aunt and Uncle... they spent the days skiing and had a special day planned on Valentien's day to ski together and have their picture taken at the top of the mountain... but little did Rachel know that once they got to that picturesque spot at the top of the mountain and after the photographer snapped breathtaking photos of them together,  that Damien would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him.  He even had champagne ready to celebrate.  It's a day they will never forget!

After planning the wedding for over a year... The bride and groom traveled from NY to be married in beautiful Fort Meyers FL and with their love of the outdoors, decided to have a beautiful ceremony out on the Palms Pool deck overlooking the harbor, at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott.  It was a beautiful exchange of vows with a unique blessing of a wine bottle.  We had a blast with the wedding party on the dock and captured some amazing shots of the bride and groom as the sun went down behind them.  The reception was so amazingly beautiful, adorned with beautiful centerpieces, flowers, candles and the most amazing food spread I have ever seen at a wedding.  The B&G, family and guests ate and danced to the music played by and amazingly talented band.  I got to peek at the "after party" room, it was like having their own private dance club equipped with DJ, drinks and food.  What a lovely wedding day and great party Rachel and Damien planned!
Congratulations Rachel and Damien!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistnat Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Ti Adora, Thea Tora, Sayville NY
Event Planner ~ Courtney Kraft, Sanibel Harbour Marriott
Hair Stylist ~ Spa at Sanibel Harbour Marriott
Invitations ~ Ipanema Press
Videographer ~ Blu Couture Films
Band ~ Clint Wiley

 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0000collage_zpsay5f7uav.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0021_zpslytcsfgb.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0041_zpsop9dc31d.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0050_zpsypzjynyd.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0095_zpspb65ddxv.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0096_zpssqflzkj6.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0152_zpsdgee9nsa.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0157_zpsf7hhyyxr.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0161_zpssmwehdxr.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0162_zpsmph97mre.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0167_zpsiag9wqb3.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0189_zpsdza1tivh.jpg

 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0199_zpsisuwpahj.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0214_zpsg2ezikvw.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0219_zpsibahmqz5.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0222_zpsl0bxkliw.jpg

 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0239_zpsqxt00kk7.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0242_zpsqu8jamvr.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0244_zpskytqflyf.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0248_zpsdadhj66v.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0251_zps8f7ollv2.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0268_zpsucidb15x.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0274_zpsz4m6nyuc.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0283_zpsgz20neik.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0290_zpsrnl17rtf.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0299_zpskuz2r0q8.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0328_zpsw82uoxy9.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0330_zpsefjvonvz.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0332_zps0kwmusxk.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0345_zps031rbxas.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0354_zps6dbw6kvl.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0358_zpsxunkryow.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0366_zpswrwuf0lw.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0388_zpsr0mjlzu3.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0389_zpsqlbyj0y0.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0402_zps0czga5of.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0408_zpsq09uihqb.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0411_zpsgdcbn05f.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0452_zpsrh7d5wyf.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0460_zpsanjwwkce.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0470_zps1pczuq8m.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0474_zpsad3wpxui.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0478_zpsjjmwvujs.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0481_zps9wopgiml.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0484_zpsxb37jico.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0493_zpsbqyowbnf.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0513_zpsit8fve5e.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0525_zpsgpf07car.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0535_zpssaafk5uj.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0538_zps2t1fhas6.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0586_zpskgdpwryy.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0588_zpsvu8tewcd.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0612_zps3xnmni0x.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0641_zpsz96sqtdb.jpg

 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0647_zpsdawipoww.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0653_zpsiuyalaae.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0728_zps5b6tqltt.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0733_zpsbz9gah3m.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0737_zpsjhti4kv9.jpg
 photo 10.30.16RachelDamienCC_0740_zpseu8p60ep.jpg

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