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Friday, July 24, 2015

Danielle and Ike Featured in The Limelight | Sandpearl, Clearwater Beach FL | Clearwater Wedding Photography

Danielle and Ike had a beautiful ceremony at St. Cecelia Catholic Church, followed by a cocktail hour and reception at the Sandpearl in Clearwater Beach.  I am so honored to have been able to capture Danielle and Ike's amazing wedding day.  Their colors and decor were warm and romantic.  The ballroom was spectacular with beautiful flowers, warm uplighting and a huge dance floor for them to show off their amazing moves.  The Florida summer storms almost threatened us for the sunset session on the beach, but instead of raining us out, we were blessed with amazing orange, red, pink and blue color skies that changed many times in the 15 minutes we were out there.

Congratulations Danielle And Ike!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany
Internt Assistant ~ Katelyn Montagna

Some of the other vendors that helped make the day perfect...

DJ ~ DJ Bo Weezy
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Donna Morgan
Cake ~ Sandpearl
Caterer ~ Sandpearl
Ceremony Site ~ St. Cecelia Catholic Church
Event Planner ~ Debbie Glancy
Florist ~ Dana Dineen
Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist ~ Irina Bilka
Invitations ~ Checkerboard
Reception Venue ~ Sandpearl
Videographer ~ Voila Cinematic
Wedding Gown ~ Calvet Coutore

 photo 7.17.15DanielleIkeCC0000collage.jpg

 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0604.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0004.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0008.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0020.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0067.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0069.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0072.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0076.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0088.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0101.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0110.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0123.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0129.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0140.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0179.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0192.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0212.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0250.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0275.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0392.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0570.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0588.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0605.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0636.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0644.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0650.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0654.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0667.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0732.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0739.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0862.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0865.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0867.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0874.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0988.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC0994.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1002.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1006.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1009.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1010.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1018.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1020.jpg
 photo 7.10.15DanielleIkeCC1026.jpg

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